Top things to do in France

The best area to stay in Toulouse

Visit the pink city: where to stay in Toulouse? Here is our selection of the best neighborhoods to stay in Toulouse! Finding accommodation in Toulouse can be a mission if you are traveling on a limited budget. One of France’s […]

The best area to stay in Marseille

Keen to visit the Provence? Discover Marseille and find the best area to stay in France’s second largest city! The capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department, with a population of 861,635 inhabitants, Marseille – also known as the “cité phocéenne” – […]

The best area to stay in Lyon

Where to stay in Lyon, france’s third largest city, situated between rivers and hills? Discover the best quarters to stay in Lyon! France’s third largest city by its population – 506,615 inhabitants (2014) – and the second largest metropolitan area […]

The best area to stay in Nice

Are you looking for the best neighborhood to stay in Nice? Discover where to stay during your next vacation in France’s fifth-largest city! When you arrive in a city you don’t know much about, the question of which area to […]