Top things to do in Germany

The best area to stay in Munich

Wondering where to stay in the Bavarian capital during your next holiday in Germany? Find out below about the best areas to stay in Munich. With over 1,500,000 inhabitants, Munich is the third-most populous city in Germany after Berlin and […]

15 best things to do in Munich

Visit Munich: What are the best things to do and see in the Bavarian capital? After Berlin, Munich is often considered as Germany’s second most important city, or as some put it, the “secret capital” of the country. Loved by […]

The best area to stay in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin? Enjoy the best area to stay in Berlin while visiting the German capital! The largest city in Germany and the second most populated city in the European Union, Berlin has just over 3.5 million inhabitants, […]

Traveling to Germany: The Beauty it Offers

Traveling to Germany? Germany has so many things to offer travelers apart from their reputation as ultimate rule followers. From big urban cities to quaint mountain villages you are sure to find something to satisfy whatever adventure your wanderlust is […]

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