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Berlin, capital of Germany, is a very different city from the rest of the country. Berlin is an artistic and cultural centre that welcomes more than 10 millions tourists every year. Very appreciated by young Europeans, it is a very popular place for students, especially for its nightlife and universities. This city, at the centre of 20th century history, is a central point of tourism in Europe.

The best area to stay in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin? Enjoy the best area to stay in Berlin while visiting the German capital! The largest city in Germany and the second most populated city in the European Union, Berlin has just over 3.5 million inhabitants, […]

35 best things to do in Berlin

Aside from being the capital of Germany, Berlin is also one of the sixteen known states of Germany. There is a lot of Things to do in Berlin such as sightseeing, resting in the gardens and parks, and there are […]