Top things to do in Hungary

The best area to stay in Budapest

Are you looking for a good neighbourhood to stay in Budapest? In this article, we inform you of the various types of accommodation on offer in the Hungarian capital. Extending over a vast area of 525 km², Budapest, the capital […]

Visiting Baradla Cave in Aggtelek National Park, Hungary

This summer (2015) was really too hot in Europe and this is why we have visited several caves around to cool our bodies and minds down at least for an hour. One of them, and one of the most enchanting […]

21 of the Most beautiful cities and towns in Hungary

Most beautiful cities and towns in Hungary! Hungary is a country in Central Europe and number one in terms of thermal springs. It is a home to Europe’s only bath cave. The only European lake with healing water is that […]

30 best things to do in Budapest

There are so many Things to Do in Budapest! There is no other city in Hungary that would be so beautiful, rich, full of monuments and architectural treasures, just like its capital city – Budapest. It is the administrative, commercial […]