Why visit Catania ?

Situated at the bottom of the Etna, still active today, Catania is a port city dating back to antiquity. From Greco-Roman monuments to Byzantine buildings and medieval remains, this city has much to offer. A true historical vestige, visiting Catania will allow you to take a leap at different times in the past.

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To help you to plan your trips in Catania, we listed visits and places of interests to do in Catania.

Schedule, maps and practical informations in Catania

Having a well planned trip to Catania, means also anticipating your travel budget and your transfers. We help you here with detailed maps so you will never get lost in Catania. Also, you will find some advices and tips about the budget you need and expenses that you should consider !

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To help you plan your trip in Catania, we listed the top activities to do and best places of interests, as well as everything you need to know (prices, how to go, schedule, travel deals,...) !

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We give you simple and cheap tips to get to Catania but also to park you car without paying too much !

Where to stay in Catania (appartments, hotels, youth hostels,...) ?

To enjoy your stay in Catania, it is necessary to pick the right location to stay. We give you here our best tips to know in which neighborhood to sleep and choose your accomodation accordingly !

Public transports, car rentals & taxis in Catania

How to travel across Catania ? A typical question for all our trips ! No worries, we gathered in this section everything you have to know to move peacefully across Catania !

See also in Catania

Want to see Catania as a local ? To discover hidden places and to enjoy your stay away from mass tourism? The fast lane is here !

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