Why visit Naples ?

Naples is a controversial city and considered as the seat of criminality and mafia in Italy. Nevertheless, Naples has many assets to seduce tourists. Naples is, according to UNESCO, one of the oldest cities in Europe with the largest concentration of historical monuments in the world. The city has indeed been one of the cradles of modern European civilization and has influenced the whole world for hundreds of years on many levels. Even with its “reputation”, Naples is not unfriendly to tourists and it is quite possible for a tourist to plan his trip to Naples with peace of mind.

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Travel & visit Naples

To help you to plan your trips in Naples, we listed visits and places of interests to do in Naples.

Schedule, maps and practical informations in Naples

Having a well planned trip to Naples, means also anticipating your travel budget and your transfers. We help you here with detailed maps so you will never get lost in Naples. Also, you will find some advices and tips about the budget you need and expenses that you should consider !

Transfers to/from (airports, metro, main stations)

We give you simple and cheap tips to get to Naples but also to park you car without paying too much !

Where to stay in Naples (appartments, hotels, youth hostels,...) ?

To enjoy your stay in Naples, it is necessary to pick the right location to stay. We give you here our best tips to know in which neighborhood to sleep and choose your accomodation accordingly !

See also in Naples

Want to see Naples as a local ? To discover hidden places and to enjoy your stay away from mass tourism? The fast lane is here !

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You already book your flights and hotel to Naples? Save more time and also plan your activities and experiences there ! To find the cheapest tickets our meta search allows you to find the best deals online for activities in Naples : visits, monuments, museums, tours, City Pass, excursions, etc. To compare activities in Naples, use the widget below :