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Naples is a controversial city and considered as the seat of criminality and mafia in Italy. Nevertheless, Naples has many assets to seduce tourists. Naples is, according to UNESCO, one of the oldest cities in Europe with the largest concentration of historical monuments in the world. The city has indeed been one of the cradles of modern European civilization and has influenced the whole world for hundreds of years on many levels. Even with its “reputation”, Naples is not unfriendly to tourists and it is quite possible for a tourist to plan his trip to Naples with peace of mind.

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The best area to stay in Naples

Campania welcomes you for your next trip: we help you choose the best area to stay in Naples! Naples, Italy’s third largest city, is populated by 968,736 inhabitants. It is the second largest Mediterranean city after Barcelona. More than 4 […]

Best things to do in Naples, Italy, for a weekend

The world is completely full of great places and cities to visit, but some of them are not as popular as many other destinations. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the case of Naples, in the south of […]