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Venice, the city of the Doges, is one of the most incredible cities in Italy. With its international events such as the Venice Carnival and its countless museums, Venice is one of the country’s main tourist destinations. In terms of romantic holidays, Venice is the reference in this field. However, be sure to choose the best time slot to visit Venice because the atmosphere can be suffocating as it is so crowded with tourists!

Cheap parking in Venice: where to park in Venice?

Are you traveling to Venice with your car or a rented vehicle? Find out about cheap parking solutions in Venice. Driving in downtown Venice is forbidden. However, it can be useful to travel by car if you want to combine […]

Visit the Doge’s Palace in Venice

Why not take advantage of a skip-the-line ticket to visit the Doge’s Palace in Venice? Direct access to Venice’s most famous and not-to-be-missed monument! Who has never dreamed of visiting and discovering Venice, this century-old city where illustrious figures have […]

How to visit Venice by gondola ?

What could be more romantic than visiting Venice on board one of the iconic gondolas of the Floating City? A gondola ride is one of Venice’s most popular activities Venice is not only known for its incredible wealth of palaces, […]

How to attend the Venice Carnival 2019?

The Venice Carnival will take place from 23 February to 5 March 2019. Here’s how to participate and all you need to know about this unique event! Every February the famous Venice Carnival takes place in Venice. It is one […]