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This historic city perfectly embodies traditional Japan: peaceful temples, sublime gardens, colourful sanctuaries and geishas leading to secret connections. Kyoto has more than 1,000 Buddhist temples. Some are true masterpieces of religious architecture, ranging from the brilliant splendour of the Kinkaku-ji (the famous Golden Pavilion) to the immensity of Higashi Hongan-ji. Temple gardens are among the most beautiful in the world, from the marvellous Ryoan-ji Zen to the exuberant monsoon and flowery paradise of the Saiho -ji. And what about Shinto sanctuaries, odes to Japanese beliefs? The main one, the Fushimi-Inari-Taisha, has a row of beautiful red torii (shrine porticoes) on the mountainside.

The best area to stay in Kyoto

Visit Kyoto during your trip on the Japanese archipelago: how to find where to stay in Kyoto? Here are the best areas to stay in Kyoto! The former Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years (from 794 […]