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The capital of Japan is the world’s most populated city. Tokyo is immense and offers many possibilities of discovery, whether it be gustative, cultural or historical. Its 23 districts have managed to keep a village spirit within this gigantic megalopolis. At any time of the day or night, you will feel safe and can walk even if the distances are considerable. You will certainly appreciate the Shinjuku neighborhood where neon lights are impressive. You will enjoy spending time in the bars on the rooftops of the buildings to enjoy the view of the Japanese capital. You will quickly learn to hold your chopsticks to taste the best Japanese dishes made from rice and fish. You will also spend time in the thermal baths (sento or onsen). Last but not least, you will not forget to bring back hi-tech souvenirs of this very connected city.

The best area to stay in Tokyo

Where to find accommodation during your stay in Tokyo ? District by district, here are the best places to stay in the Japanese capital! Finding a neighbourhood to stay in Tokyo, the sprawling capital of Japan, will not be easy […]