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Lisbon is a special capital in Europe. First of all, it has a favourable climate and weather almost all year round. Then, its bright colors, from the yellow of its tramway, to the red roofs, passing through its azujelos facades, make it a romantic destination and especially appreciated by European tourists. You never tire of it, and a weekend of two or three days is quickly filled with activities. Visits follow one another, we wander through its streets with joy until we reach its miradouros, its viewpoints on the terrace which are scattered all over the 7 hills that make up the city of Lisbon. Here, the nightlife is lively and generally takes place in the street, outside bars, or listening to fado for the most calm and melancholic. Lisbon is a crush and it is a shame that it is for many other people, we would like to keep it a secret.

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