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Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden with more than 850,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren, and is surrounded by 30,000 islands and islets. It is built on 14 islands and is compared to Amsterdam or St. Petersburg. Water is omnipresent and a boat trip is a good way to understand how the city works and to visit it. The old centre of Stockholm is exciting, with its narrow streets, palaces, castles and museums. Stockholm is a city that looks to the future while respecting the nature and quality of life of its people. It is a great place to live, despite the cold winter weather and the higher cost of living than in the rest of the country.

The best area to stay in Stockholm

Do you want to go to Scandinavia for your holidays? Discover Sweden and the “Venice of the North”: this is our guide to where to stay in Stockholm! Nicknamed the “Venice of the North”, Stockholm lies on an archipelago of […]