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Top things to do in the United Kingdom

The best area to stay in London

Find somewhere to stay in London’s best districts and enjoy the wonders of the British capital! The holiday season will soon be upon you, and your destination is already set: London! Once a small town called Londinium founded nearly 2000 […]

The best area to stay in Edinburgh

Find out where to stay in Edinburgh: here is a succinct summary of the best areas to stay in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland! Scotland’s second largest city, Edinburgh has been the capital city since the 16th century. With a […]

Cornwall Family Holidays – get away from it all!

Cornwall Family Holidays! A small peninsula on the Celtic Sea, Cornwall is one of the great undiscovered holiday destinations of modern Europe. Unlike big cities and their crowds, Cornwall is a tucked-away gem of history, culture, and beauty – a […]

Tips for a Dog-Friendly British Holiday

More of us than ever before are taking our dogs with us when we travel, but such a trip is not without its issues. After all, much as we’d like, many hotels, restaurants and more simply won’t permit dogs. However, […]