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Top things to do in the United Kingdom

6 sporting events you must visit in the UK

With the wide plethora of sports now available on television through the multitude of available sports channels, and not to forget live streaming services offered by several bookmakers on selected events means that as sports fans we are never far […]

Travel Tips When Visiting The UK

Writing up a single list of destinations or attractions to consider in the UK is nearly impossible. The country is simply packed with interesting places to see and things to do, which is why it’s such a frequent stop for […]

11 Tips for Day Trips from London

London is amazing city but its surroundings is beautiful, interesting and worth visiting as well. There are many options for Day Trips from London, from castles to cathedrals, to cities, to historic or natural attractions. You can choose any from […]

45 Castles In Wales – Visit Welsh Castles – Visit Wales

Wales is a relatively small country in the UK, but in such a small area there are around 600+ castles in Wales! They are either ruined or in perfect condition, but all of them are waiting for your visit. 🙂 […]