Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, often simply named L. A., is the second largest city in the United States with some 18.5 million inhabitants in its agglomeration. Los Angeles is therefore gigantic (it stretches over 100 km from North to South), with no real downtown, and is difficult to visit without a car. We can notice the quality of life with beautiful houses with garden, but we also quickly forget that 1/5th of its population lives below the poverty line. Yet it is the city to illustrate the American dream with Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air at the top of the list, reminding us that many films have been shot here. Its beaches are famous (Zuma Beach, El Matador, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica) as well as its identity districts. Despite the pollution, Los Angeles is very “green” with gardens and a reminder of nature all over the city. A city of contrasts, Los Angeles also has many museums.

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