Visiting Jasov Cave in the Slovak Karst National Park


Visiting Jasov Cave in the Slovak Karst National Park! Jasov is not only the easternmost gateway to Slovak Karst National Park but this small town boasts also several other great attractions, both natural and cultural ones. We have visited this place two times this summer and have always been well surprised.

The town is surrounded by lush forests offering great hiking trails that take you through several interesting parts of this area. However, the most important part of this small town is its UNESCO site Jasov Cave!

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 12
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 3
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Visiting Jasov Cave

Jasov cave is one of 12 caves managed by Slovak Caves Administration state office. All of them are very nice and unique and this is the case of Jasov Cave as well.

It is one of the most important caves in the Slovak Karst National Park and together with other caves in this national park has been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 2
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 5
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov cave was opened to the public as the first one of all caves in Slovakia, already in 1846. However, the cave was known long before as it was settled already in Neolithic Age (8000 BC).

It was also home to Cave bear which became extinct some 24,000 years ago and it is said that the cave was discovered later by monks in the 12th century. The oldest writing on one of the cave walls date back to the year 1452 and records the victory of Jan Jiskra of Brandys.

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 8
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 1
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Useful information

You can visit it from early April until end of October every day except for Mondays. During the winter months, it is closed to protect its natural wealth, when it is home to 19 species of bats and other animals.

The guided tour lasts 45 minutes during which you will need to pass 339 stairs. Ambient temperature ranges from 8,8 to 9,4 °C and the relative humidity is 90-98%.

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 6
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 7
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

The entrance to the cave is located right in the middle of the town with small parking space nearby.

The basic admission is 5,-EUR and if you want to use your camera inside the cave you have to prepare additional 7,-EUR. Right at the entrance of the cave, you can then taste some of the best Slovak, Hungarian or Italian meals.

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 15
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

Jasov Cave, Slovakia - 14
Jasov Cave, Slovakia

What else to visit in Jasov

Once you have finished your cave tour you can opt for additional hiking adventure through the forest that surrounds the cave. There is a short round trail starting at the cave that takes you to the ruins of Jasov castle, a Baroque Premonstratensian monastery with a monastic library and the French garden, nice lakes, and the old cemetery.

Jasov monastery with the old giant sequoia

Another great attraction in Jasov is the Baroque Premonstratensian monastery simply known as Jasov Monastery which history dates back to the 12th century. In its public garden, you can find giant sequoia – a huge 200 years old tree.

Behind the monastery is another large baroque garden which is unique in Slovakia. The Monastery houses one of the finest libraries in Slovakia with about eighty thousand volumes of books.

Jasov Monastery, Slovakia
Jasov Monastery, Slovakia

Jasov ponds

Jasov ponds were founded back in the 15th century when they were built by the Jasov inhabitants. Here you can rest in one of the several benches that are spread around. The ponds are surrounded by forests and offer great relax.

Jasov ponds, Slovakia
Jasov ponds, Slovakia

Jasov old cemetery

Not far from the ponds you can then visit an old 19th-century cemetery. There are about 80 tombs well hidden in the forest creating rather haunted atmosphere.

Jasov Old Cemetery, Slovakia
Jasov Old Cemetery, Slovakia

Negative experience / Two faces of Slovakia

Unfortunately, eastern Slovakia is full of unemployed gypsies and Jasov is not the exception. We were well surprised with the natural beauty of the cave and forests, as well as the pleasing atmosphere at the lakes and monastery, but we were really disappointed by all that trash we found in the Bodva river that flows through Jasov.

This happens because the river flows directly through several Gypsy settlements that grew up on its banks without any permission and often on the private lands. The gypsies then use the river as the best option to throw their trash to and don’t even mind to throw there broken television or fridge.

Unfortunately, no regime was able to manage this problem so far and therefore do not be surprised when you will find lots of trash around. This area is otherwise very nice and definitely worth visiting!

Jasov - trash in Bodva river, Slovakia
Jasov – trash in Bodva river, Slovakia

Jasov - television in Bodva river, Slovakia
Jasov – television in Bodva river, Slovakia

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  1. Nice article about another aspect of Slovakia travel. The cave and monastery look fabulous. A shame about the waste in the river. I hate seeing pollution like that. Great to know what to expect and why its there.

    • Julius Szabo

      Hi Marissa, I hate such pollution as well! This is not the only place in Slovakia, but there are lots of such places and rivers in the eastern Slovakia. Unfortunately… 🙁 The nature is amazing, but there is a lot of pollution, mainly thanks to gypsies.

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