New Ways to Make Single Travelling Easier


Have you ever been in a situation where you want to experience a place but you can’t find anyone who shares your enthusiasm? While you may love travelling and exploring new places, your spouse or friends might not. The good news is that just because you can’t find someone to share your joy doesn’t mean you can’t still travel. Solo travelling is possible and contrary to popular belief it isn’t even that difficult or expensive – you just need to be aware of these new ways that make single travelling easier.

Stay safe

One of the main reasons stopping people from solo travel is the security aspect of it. The thought of travelling solo can seem daunting. Luckily, there are now websites like that help ensure you feel safer on your travels. The site will check with you to ensure your OK and alerts the relevant authorities if it doesn’t hear from you.

Rome, Italy

Look for single-specific destinations

Travel agencies are always looking to boost their customer satisfaction and most of them have understood the potential of single travelling. This has meant that solo travellers have a lot more options available when it comes to picking the destination.

When you start thinking about travelling alone, check with travel agencies for destination recommendations. In general, you want to avoid places that are aimed for families or couples – honeymoon destinations might not be the best for singles. Just You has great resources in terms of location choice for singles.

Alicante, Spain

Use Lonely Planet guides

On top of finding single specific destinations, you want to use guides as help for planning the trip. While most big travel books like Fodors tend to focus on families or couples, Lonely Planet guides often have great tips for solo travellers. Each guide even has its own section for female travellers, so these are definitely worth checking out.

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Skip the big chains

Solo travellers should avoid the big hotel chains. While these might seem like the safest option, they can actually end up costing more and seem a boring and impersonal pick for your stay. Chains can sometimes add extra charges for single rooms and therefore, small, independent hotels can work much better.

When you are looking for accommodation, find places with descriptions such as “family-owned” and ”friendly”. These can help you find a closed community with plenty of other single travellers. You can even use the site to filter accommodation based on solo traveller reviews.

Bungalow apartments at Santa Pola Life Resort Spain

Sign up with group activities

Attractions aren’t just for big groups – you can now pre-book places in group activities even when you are the only one showing up. These groups can be fantastic for meeting new people and they’ll cut the costs of taking tours or experiencing fun events. You can often group up with the same people in other situations, ensuring you end up spending more time with other like-minded people and without having to pay anything extra.

Baska, Croatia

Join the locals

Another clever way to make single travelling easier is meeting the locals. No matter where you are in the world, the locals know the most of your destination and can help you enjoy it the full. As a single traveller, you also have more opportunities to get to meet them!

Use sites like to find like-minded people. Stay in local accommodation by booking your stay through AirBnB. Skip the tourist shopping centres and walk off the beaten path. You can explore the destination much more deeply and find locals to help you make new discoveries.

Match with a roommate

If you are looking to book a cruise or trip, you might be faced with the single supplement. This is the additional fee operators can add to your total costs – often due to you staying in a double room all on your own. While these are becoming more affordable, there are ways you could avoid them altogether.

If you opt for the roommate matching service, you won’t have to stay on your own and you won’t be charged the single supplement. Operators like G Adventures offer the option and it can be a fun way to meet new people.


Find last minute deals

Finally, single travelling isn’t as restricted as travelling with others – after all, you only need to find space in your schedule for one! Use this advantage and book last minute deals. These can be cheaper and come with additional luxuries to keep you busy.

If you want to save money and find more travel resources, use blogs and travel portals to your advantage. OZCodes has plenty of travel vouchers for the biggest sites to help you cut the cost of single travel. You should also read blogs aimed at single travellers to ensure you understand the pros and cons before heading out. Solo travelling can be advantageous but also demanding – being on your own is not for everyone.

Luckily, those that love it can enjoy the other new ways that help make single travelling easier. So, next time you can’t find anyone to travel with, use the above tips to book your trip and conquer the world on your own!

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